Louis Bourgeois
Affirmations and Blasphemies

ISBN 1-8-79378-58-2 (paper)
pp. v—131


A collection of sarcasms, disgruntlements and mordant reflections in the manner of the great melancholics and misanthropes of the past. Yet with an aim, which is to blast away all the received wisdom, religious verities and humanistic ideals, and to write with such honesty "that the reader drops dead on the spot." Louis Bourgeois prescribes a stern remedy against the certainty that "everything flows"—embrace the Abyss. "All knowledge," he asserts, "is death knowledge."

"You walk away from the sun with a thousand choices, each ending in death."

"The smile of a child... death haunts us."

"To seek death is to seek an identity."

Louis Bourgeois also reminds us that "If God were everything, He wouldn't have to exist." That: "You are the sum total of your failures." That: "The more I hate the world, the more I realize it's deserving of my hatred."

Introduction by Karl Kvitko:
" Louis Bourgeois, Aphorist-Assassin"

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About the author:

Louis Bourgeois lives and writes in Oxford, Mississippi. He is the founder and editor of VOX PRESS, as well as the interview magazine The Bourgeois Interviews. His memoir of growing up in the backwaters of Southern Louisiana, The Gar Diaries, was nominated for the National Book Award in 2008.


... Hosanna is something like a machine gun. Some of the bullets might spray wildly, but many more will hit. Bougeoise does achieve profundity, and, at times, his ideas are quite moving. I could easily see this collection as a life-changing work.

~ CL Bledsoe, American Book Review, January/February 2011, Vol. 32, #2

What you've feared the most now confronts you in black and white. Louis Bourgeois is the Anti-Christ. His highly prophetic message, Hosanna, will shock you with all that's true, and you won't complain or try to resist the pain... You won't be able to move an inch.

~ Zachary Bush, author of Angles of Disorder

A brilliant collection of difficult thoughts.

~ Anne Quinney, author of Le goût de la révolte

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