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Archipelago, a classy literary e-zine.

Chelsea Editions, modern and contemporary Italian poetry.

Green Integer Books, cutting-edge poetry & fiction.

Zephyr Press, experimental prose & translations.

Self-publishing & other resources: How To Become an Author, books on demand.

MovieBytes, contests for screenwriters

Publishing news, reviews & resources

Small Press Distribution

Small Press Info

Xlibris e-publishing


NOTE: Self-publishing is not the "shameful" recourse it used to be. Big-name publishers like Norton and Random House want their authors to have popular name recognition in order to make money off them. The works of relatively unknown authors really have no chance of being accepted by these Big Boys, and most (if not all) of them won't accept unsolicited manuscripts unless you have an agent. So don't be picky about how your works get out into the public! Sure, you won't have the book-signing tours and hand-picked rave reviews you'd get with a major publisher, but you're not going to published by one either, for the reasons already stated.


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