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XENOS BOOKS is an Associate of both Amazon.com and Small Press Distribution / www.spdbooks.org. Consequently, sales are routinely handled by these two booksellers. Bookstores and other booksellers may contact Xenos Books for special orders. Xenos Books does not sell directly to the customer. All receipt of money from the customer and all collection of taxes are handled by the three different kinds of dealers.


Each book on the Xenos website has a link marked Order that will take the customer to the appropriate page on Amazon.com, which will handle the credit-card purchase and shipping. Amazon.com is also the primary outlet for e-books.


Purchases of individual books and multiple copies of books can be purchased from Small Press Distribution at www.spdbooks.org. SPD keeps Xenos Books title on hand, so they are available for immediate sale. The customer can check the Xenos listings and the number of copies available at:


General bookstores, university bookstores and other booksellers may contact Xenos Books by telephone, fax, snail mail or e-mail at the addresses listed above for terms and conditions.


Libraries will probably find it most convenient to purchase Xenos Books titles from Small Press Distribution (see above).


Xenos Books does not sell directly to individual customers, but readers may contact us for information about a desired title. On occasion we send a free copy.


Xenos printed books are generally not available outside the USA and the cost of shipping a book abroad is usually prohibitive for everyone involved, Possible customers outside the USA should contact us first to determine how best to handle the order. Many Xenos Books titles, however, are avaiable as e-books and sold abroad in that form.


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